Mike Bravo

5th Generation Venetian and Spiritual Activist

Mike Bravo Venice, CA Native Indigenous Standing next to a tree altar my great grandmother erected about 20 years ago at our home.

My name is Mike Bravo, I am a 5th generation Venetian, Indigenous Spiritual Activist,  and lead coordinator of the Four Corners Spirit Run. The Four Corners Spirit Run is an annual spiritual run (9 years strong) in West Los Angeles which provides the Indigenous American/Mexican youth and others in West Los Angeles with culturally relevant programs as well as to promote the development of positive Indigenous identity & values.   I am also a former board member of the Venice Neighborhood Council (2014-2016.)

I have spent the majority of my 42 years of life living, going to school, and working in Venice, Santa Monica, and Mar Vista/Del Rey. Currently I am a digital designer and internet marketer for various youth oriented non-profits and family law firms on the Westside. I have been doing this for the past 10 years.

As a fifth generation Venetian born and raised in Venice, CA and surrounding communities, I am very aware of the social and historical dynamics which give way to marginalization and the social ills that it manifests such as gentrification, gang violence, police brutality, and racism in general.

In 1983 at the age of seven I lost my father on this earth walk to the intense drug and gang violence that plagued West Los Angeles at that time. After many years of  being confused, taking wrong turns in life, and lacking culturally relevant healing & guidance from society, I eventually became empowered and enlightened by Hip Hop culture, my Indigenous American Identity, and Spiritual Traditions.

My work over the past 10 years has focused on bringing Native-Indigenous traditions to the forefront of youth education programming and social value culture via community events (ceremonies) and digital design endeavors. I promote awareness and respect for endangered Sacred Native American Sites in Los Angeles and throughout the country.

Former Venice Neighborhood Council

As one would guess I am very passionate about what goes on in Venice. I was the only active person of color on the VNC during my two years on (2014-2016.) I have always put the people first and have firmly advocated for true diversity and accountability from our city leaders and institutions.

During my term as Community Officer  for the VNC I created a successful motion to release the Brendon Glenn video as well as led Venice to adopt and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, a motion which inspired the current L.A. City Council to adopt the holiday in August 2017.

I bring the unique dynamic of representing the experience and perspectives of 5 generations of Venetians into the  political dialogue and decision making processes of Venice. My representation is critical especially in times of diminishing diversity in Venice’s decision making forums. The current homogeneous gentrifier and real estate dominated Venice Neighborhood Council is a good example of the representational  imbalance plaguing our town.

About This Website

This site promoting true community culture, giving voice to those most marginalized by our recent arrivals, and pushing for  much needed financial and racial equity policies lacking in our community. The current plague of gentrification and police violence we are witnessing here in Venice is the latest form and continuity of the colonial pattern of displacing Natives for “progress” and profit. This site is  also dedicated to advocating for social justice and respect for the Tongva Indian peoples and their land we are visitors to. It seeks to provide elixir from the inundation of gentrifier narratives and status quo activism currently dominating Venice decision making circles and dialogue forums, and will most definitely address topics challenging agencies and enablers of gentrification, racism, and police brutality in our neighborhood.