I am a 5th generation Venetian, born and raised. I walk the same streets and sleep in the same room as my Great Great Grandma Secundina. I am an Indigenous spiritual organizer and a successful web designer & internet marketer for local family law firms and youth oriented non-profits.

I have spent the majority of my 41 years of life living, going to school, and working in Venice, Santa Monica, and Mar Vista/Del Rey. Currently I am a digital artist, web designer, and internet marketer for various youth oriented non-profits and family law firms on the Westside. I have been doing this for the past 8 years.

As one would guess I am very passionate about what goes on in Venice. As the only active person of color on the VNC I have put the people first and have firmly advocated for true diversity and accountability from our city leaders and institutions.

In my term as Community Officer I created a successful motion to release the Brendon Glenn video as well as led Venice to adopt and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, a motion which inspired the current L.A. City Council to consider adopting the holiday citywide.

Not only am I qualified for the Communications tasks, I bring the unique dynamic of representing the experience and perspectives of 5 generations of Venetians into the decision making process of our community. It is a dynamic that is very necessary especially in times of diminishing diversity in Venice.

 I will continue to breakdown the obstacles toward building a positive sense of community for ALL residents in Venice.