Vision for Communications Chair

I believe it’s important to fulfill and shine in the administrative functions and responsibilities of this position, but it is equally important to consider the community representation and advocacy dynamic one brings to any position on our neighborhood council, especially in a time of diminishing diversity in Venice.

I envision an expanded and more inclusive stakeholder audience for our neighbor council to connect and communicate with. One that truly considers and acts on diversity as well as increases overall numbers for community engagement.

I also envision a website revamp that implements modern up to date web design, functionality, and visual communication standards. I will also improve the underutilized social media channels that we have available to us to better engage our community in general but also with some emphasis on the young adults in our community.

It is also my vision to upgrade all visual and informational communications for our neighborhood council in general, perhaps even creating a new logo if the feedback welcomes it.

The Communications goals work complimentary to, and overlaps in some intentions, with the Outreach Committee goals. I would improve on the Communications Officer responsibilities by..

Expanding Stakeholder Audience - This can be accomplished in many ways, some examples:

Revamping the Website

Let’s face it, the website needs some serious help. The visual style and layout is outdated by at least 5 years, bland, and cluttered and the speed is horrible. To make it worse, the VNC website is not even Responsive/Mobile ready. In a community with a tech savvy population and the fact that Mobile devices account for at least 60% of internet use this is unacceptable.

I will make sure the website is upgraded using modern design techniques, functions, and layout standards. The user interface will be more logical and appealing as well as having the presentation of all VNC news items on par with that of our local news outlets.

Overall the formula is to be more inclusive of all people and put more love and energy into how we present ourselves as a neighborhood institution. That love and energy will attract the same.  Please vote Bravo for Communications Officer on June 5th.

Thank you.