Darling Closes in on Park as Votes Continue to Be Counted

erin darling cd 11 candidate


Sup yall. Here again with another perspective from the only social publication in Venice not controlled by white folks or gentrifiers. I hope you appreciate this dammit. Anywayz..

It’s been almost a week since November 8th Election Day. Traci Park has been leading the votes since Tuesday with Erin Darling being down about 11% by the end of Tuesday night. Total votes counted that night accounted for approximately 50% of LA County votes. While it was a bit disheartening to see the initial Tuesday numbers we knew that it could probably take weeks to get the final results. Eunisses Hernandez who beat Gil Cedillo in the CD 1 June primary, had similar deficit numbers. It wasn’t til about after a week that she started to climb over Cedillo for the eventual win.

                       Nov 8 End of Day Votes


The county has been releasing occasional vote batch updated of various sizes. Thursday Nov 10th had a small drop with Darling increasing a little under 1 percent from 44.54% to 45.32%

                      Thurs Nov 10 Vote Drop Results


Friday Nov 11 saw another small increase from 45.32% to 45.42% From what I’ve been able to keep up with the batch releases  have been relatively small (as low as 3k-6k) which in turn has been yielding minor changes. Not sure why they have been so small. I would assume because of public pressure.


                   Friday Nov 11 Vote Drop


There was no vote drop during the weekend but a drop was released this Monday afternoon around 4pm. With this latest drop Darling gained yet another near 1% to get to 46.29%


These super small incremental gains with each super small vote count drop are nice but nerve racking. While Traci Park supporters were discouraged before the voting even started (even going as far as preemptively make a “recall Darling” website) , initially they added a lil smug to their usual racism dense social media posts. But now that Erin Darling went from approximately a 13% deficit to a 7% deficit within a handful of  vote drops, I would love to see the look on their faces everytime Darling inches higher in the vote percentage tho. 

As of today, Mon Nov 14, approximately 76% of the votes have been counted, with the remaining 24% of votes having favorable possibilities Darling. It’s still looking slim for Darling but based on past and recent trends, if the incremental vote percentages continue to increase, there is definitely a chance that Darling could pull off a win. 

Even if the event that Traci Park with all her racist overtones wins the CD 11 election things shouldn’t be that bad. The Darling campaign has coalesced a remarkable and formidable team of Westside LA community advocates. I see this team continuing great work on the westside regardless of the outcome. Also, grand wizard Alex Villanueva is out, Caruso’s 100 mil. didn’t buy him the election after all, Mitch O’Farrell is out, Hugo Soto-Martinez is in, Kenneth Mejia is in, Lindsey Horvath is in, and Karen Bass is in. Pretty much 90% of the candidates local loudmouth, racism normalizing gentrifiers were rooting for. That’s a win in my book… and don’t forget. Don’t count out Darling just yet.

5th generation Venetian, Indigenous Rights Activist and educator for youth and families in West Los Angeles, and lead coordinator of the Four Corners Spirit Run. Current Board member of the Venice Neighborhood Council (and 2014-2016). Perspectives are my own.

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